Thursday, March 5, 2015

Random Rant about Ugliness in General

I went shopping for outfits for Girls 10 and 3. At the mall. Lots of stores, lots of 'clothes', and nothing to wear. The entire place had that phenomenon, 'full closets and nothing to wear', and I thought, 'what on earth is going on here?'

Bling, bling, bling, blang, can you see past those neon colors and reflective surfaces attached to your body? Is it safety? Does the need to see children as bright lollipops and reflective text Girls Super Stars Princess Orange You Great Always Be Yourself Princess Love 2 Smile Rockin Out Loud And a bizarre cat bunny unicorn that should disturb pretty much everybody who's ever thought about the island of Dr. Moreau? (Seriously creepy stuff there)

Was that a sentence? Must be poetry. Without poetics. I literally had to adjust my eyes to the florescent brightness and finally, I found four t-shirts without the garishness, I barely noticed the bright colors. Oooh, cobalt blue! I found a real shirt that is supposed to be worn and not wear someone like an obnoxious monkey screaming inanities and hurling glitter into the eyes of everyone it encounters. I purchased the shirt in spite of the gapping neckline. Deep breath. Bottoms. Where could I get some pants? Real pants? Never mind. Pink leggings will do, with a skort, also cobalt blue, and there we go. One outfit down, one to go.

This is why people shouldn't go to town in their pajamas. This is the deepest failure of homeschool, that you leave the house in your pj's and become trapped in a over-commercialized culture where there are no basics, not a neutral, and anything that doesn't reach out and pull your culture and taste out of your nose. I want to wear black for the rest of my life. This is why kids dress like candy when they're little and vampires when they've had enough but don't know what else to do.



Texture, subtle, delicate texture.



Clothing that allows people to see past the clothing to the real amazing, wonderful person underneath the expiring trend.

Anyway, the other outfit was great fun for my fashionista. No neon bicycles on neon yellow with non matching neon magenta and more sparkles and... No. Texture. Whites and yellow, no bling, no messages telling other people what/who you are. You aren't a whatwho, you're a you.

End of rant. And last time I'm going shopping for a looong while.

For my mother, because she wanted to see my happy birthday to me outfit, got the linen jacket done. Yay! Also the red riding hood felt doll ...