Thursday, September 25, 2014

HobGoblins! Remade Project Run and Play 2nd week

I really love remaking things. This sweater I found at thrift had stripes! I love babies in stripes and dots. That is the purpose of stripes and dots. I was thinking, Autumn, hm, what is autumnal but not spooky? Ravens, leaves, and Misty Mountains, right? LIKE THE HOBBIT!!! I loved the 1st movie. Second was good, but not enough poetry/singing. The book, naturally, the best. 

I designed the super clever insignia below, the red is a thrifted turtleneck. Machine sewed onto the bamboo taupe stuff with hand embroidered "Far over the Misty Mountains Cold", a song we love and which my 11 year old knows all the extra verses they didn't put in the movie. I used the Ottobre 'Goblin Suit' from Winter 2007 (wow, I've been subscribing a long time). The sweater 'grew' a lot in the sewing process so there's lots of growing room.  

New babies are just the best. Not that they need hats with ears to look cute, but I love it so much!

This is a pic of my 6PAK from Stitcher's Guild. They do these every season. I love mix and match, all remade from thrifts. Note the trailing thread... or not.

This is my second week playing along with Project Run and Play

I love all the beautiful things people come up with. There are so many different beautifuls.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Storm Prince review and author interview

Wow, ML, I'm so thrilled to have you here today for Writer's Wednesday. I have to say, I can't believe how great your story has become. I know that writing is a tough gig, but you make it look so easy. The characters are amazing and your prose flows effortlessly. 

I have a few questions that have nothing to do with your story, you know, to deepen your character with irrelevant trivialities that make you approachable and adorable. 

Q: If you could be a fictional character, who would you choose?

ML:I would like to be Heidi. Living in the Alps sounds awesome. Or maybe D'artagnan, because all the ladies love him and he kicks butt with a sword.

Q: (Not really a question) Also, you could wear laderhosen. Next question, Pastry or cake?

ML: Pastry. Except on my birthday. Then I would like more pastry. Pastry means pie, right? Mmm, pie.

Q: You are right. Pie is far superior to cake. Everyone who is a REAL WRITER knows this. Now, what is your favorite climate?

ML: The beach.

Q: Is there such a thing as an arctic beach? Not that it wouldn't be cool... What do you think is the world's best writing soundtrack?

ML:The Wreck of the Day, by Anna Nalick.

Q: As Beri would say in one of my favorite parts, "The music was good".  What species would you be if mystical creatures were available?

ML: A Kryptonian. Does that count? Comics are American mythology, right?

Q: Definitely. What is the most annoying sound ever. Styrofoam touching anything, especially other Styrofoam. Favorite part of your series either written or unwritten, or both- The very ending. But you'll have to wait to see what happens.

This story is the missing link from the first book, when he's lost from the heroine Karen. I cannot do justice to this story in a review. 

Anguish! Passion! Spells of death and silence! Beautiful description, convincing dialogue, and an elaborate and complicated world that formed its own spell, sucking me in until I'd consumed this lavish delight. All this and a plot. 

If you've read the first book, you know that he, the prince, Beri, is a bit dense, and if you haven't, do yourself a favor and pick it up at once because it's simply lovely. 

Our hero gets captured and taken to the Summer Court where the Summer Queen uses all her powers to bend him to her will. He steps deeper and deeper into the tangled web when he defends the helpless against a tyrannical noble and becomes part of a subversive group who strives to foil the Queen. 

Which side will win, and does he care with his neverending broken heart? 

The writing was even smoother than the first book. I expect great things from this author and can't wait for the next in the series.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Project Run and Play, 80's Cartoon theme

Does anybody not see this coming? If there is a word for my 3 year old's style, it's bright, Rainbow Brite.

Hi! I love bright yellow, bright red, bright blue, bright orange, bright green, and bright purple!

I found this fabric at Joann's, and it's knit, and bright, and the moment my 3 year old saw it... well, let's just say that it will be a sad day when it isn't big enough for capes anymore. Everyone needs a giggling giraffe cape (Giggling giraffes is what is printed beneath the yellow giraffe's). 

I used an interesting shorts pattern from Ottobre 3/2014 #12, with 3 pockets, running stripes and easy swingy shapes. The second I saw them I thought 80's gymnasium, so this is her gymnastics suit, a la rainbow brite. I used stretch terry borrowed from 7 year old's too small shirt. They match the shoes. THE shoes. 

Notice the yellow pocket on front.

I made the shirt out of basic tank sloper with some binding for muscle-t look. She wanted more pockets. Maybe next time. I really like how the top turned out. The shorts are cute, but I think I'd use a firmer fabric for the stripe/binding if I made them again. The lycra knit kind of puckered, or maybe I used the wrong stitch for it. 


Rainbow Brite would have done more kapows if she'd had these shoes.

Also, she would have ridden more whales.

Thanks for stopping by! If you like kids clothes be sure to check out Project Run and Play

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Got the Blues...Especialy Neon.

Do you see those little flecks of bright blue on the butterfly wings? Those specks of blue are the color of my 3 yr old's eyes. The background fabric is navy, although you can't see it very well here. I'm trying to corral my bright-loving girl's colors so that she looks a little bit cohesive and her clothes mix and match. So, her neutral is blue, from navy to neon.

We went shoe shopping and found a pair of shoes that fulfilled their destiny once she clapped eyes on them. We pry them off her at night to go to bed. They are THE shoes.
THE shoes. Note the orange neon.
She doesn't like dresses. Doesn't like is too mild. I struggle to clothe her Sunday mornings. Making her dresses frustrates me with the endless hatred she has for anything ruffled, gathered, frilled, etc. There was only one solution. I let her wear the shoes with the dress.

I admit, I haven't really won the war, not when she wears tennis shoes to church, but one battle at a time.

I used the dress and cardigan pattern from Ottobre's Winter 2013, #6&#7

I didn't line the dress the way they told you to, so I had to fiddle around to bind the neck and armholes. I probably should have simply lined it, at least the bodice. Next time, if I make it another time. I did french seam the side seams and flat fell the shoulders. So it's super fancy to go with the shoes. sigh.

I bought some bright, bright blue twill to make her some khaki (should I use quotations?) pants. I love buying fabric, particularly on sale, but it is certainly not my color scheme.

Anyone else forced to trick one's children into wearing dress clothes? I'd love to hear about it!

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