Thursday, October 26, 2017

Ruffles and Burnout

I'm a terrible blogger. I've decided to start a group on FB instead because the only thing I want to post on my blog are crafty things.

Things going on with me: Right now I'm neck deep in lace ruffles, trying to finish a Cinderella Halloween costume. I've already done Little Red Riding Hood and have Hulk still to go.

I did a quilt last week. That was a lot.

The thing I'm excited about is dolls. I just bought the book, 'my Felt Doll' and I'm going to make tons of those things.

In writing, I'm heading towards the wrap up of my rewrite of Watergirl 3. I pulled it because after a reread of the first three, when I was going to start Watergirl 4, I realized that it's the wrong book. How do these things happen? It wasn't a bad book. Not at all. Lots of people loved it, but it wasn't right. I can't keep building when one of the layers is the wrong material. Anyway, that's what I've been doing in October. I had meant to keep it free of writing because I was publishing Butcher, Baker, Werewolf Savior, but instead, I did the Watergirl 3 rewrite. Like crazy. 30-40 pages a day for a week, just too much, particularly with the quilting and costuming that this season requires. It's too much. I got sick. I'm getting mostly better now and cutting back on the writing even if I want it to be finished before I really notice it, books are too long for that kind of denial.

Whew. On Facebook my group is Juliann Whicker's Secret Society of Witches and Warlocks and Pretzels. If you want more regular updates and sample chapters of whatever I'm working on, check it out.

Back to the ruffles!

For my mother, because she wanted to see my happy birthday to me outfit, got the linen jacket done. Yay! Also the red riding hood felt doll ...