Friday, July 31, 2015

Stuff Happening This Summer

Okay! So, this summer has been rather havoc filled. This last month was like this: little fun, lot of work, lot of fun, a lot more work, and now... My darlingest darling replaced the too small pipe that was always clogging, forcing me to do fun stuff like dishes in the bathtub. It's good it's done, but ugh! Not a very relaxing thing. The ants came because the dishes were stacked around for a long time while we waited for the plumbers to come. Ants happen to love dirty dishes. 

Ta Da! Happy happy dancing ensues.

Happy Dancing.

Something about cauldrons and witches.

Hard at Play.

I love that swimming suit.

From nose to toes. Mud monster.

Happiness = Mud

Random garb thief.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

House of Slide, Hunter 1/3 finished! Celebrate!

I am going to settle down with a big peach and popcorn, and watch an episode of Sherlock to celebrate the completion of the first 32,000 words of Book 3 in my epic.

To prove that I haven't been secretly writing romance novels, here is an excerpt:

A lyrical voice with a peculiar accent drifted from the shadows around us.
Lewis sighed and covered his eyes with his hand for a moment. The gesture was one of frustrated irritation.
“Theo,” Lewis said in a sharp, low voice tinged in anger, not looking around like me.
I searched the trees but saw nothing besides shadows and rustling leaves.
“Axel,” the voice said, closer, so smooth and oily that it sent a shiver down my spine. “Won’t you introduce me to your friend? We can all celebrate your birthday together.”
I saw Lewis clench his jaw before he inhaled and forced his breath out.
“What sort of celebration did you have in mind?”
Theo laughed, a horrific, fascinating sound that filled the air with multiple octaves.
Lewis moved, grabbing me and spinning to the side the moment before a dagger thumped into the tree where he’d been.

It's going to be awesome. First 3rd, finishing her training in Louisiana, 2nd 3rd, Hunting with the folks from Sanders, Last 3rd, Hunting the Hollow One.

It's going to be very action packed. Honestly, I'd rather write dialogue. Action is slow going for me, but this books is HUNTER. So, she hunts. A lot. Man! She's going to need a serious nap after all this chasing and fighting and running around. Oh, and flying. 

Hunter is due out in November. I am on schedule as I write, so... keep your fingers crossed!

Monday, July 27, 2015


Today and Tomorrow my stunning YA contemporary Fantasy, Watergirl, is Free. I'm looking for some reviews, so hopefully that happens, although with free books, you never know if they don't just get downloaded randomly on people's kindles. "Look, free book" like free book collecting instead of free book reading, but hopefully someone SOMEWHERE reads my sweetheart. I've never had her for sale before. I hold her close to my heart and whisper sweet things like, "You're worth $3.99. People love your sassy heroine and misanthropic hero. Your dialog is like whispers of angel's song and your plot is fast and makes sense most of the time."

Oh yeah. This is what writing books does to you. Makes you completely CRAZY. But that's the fun, right? Speaking of crazy, I've been writing this scene where the hero's crazy. I seem to do this often.

Anyway, Get it here if you're looking for a fabulous summer read. I hope you love it as much as I do.

Friday, July 24, 2015

On Safari at the Wilds

The Wilds. We will miss them so much. It's been our 4th of July tradition. The strip mine was reclaimed and became a place for endangered animals and others just for fun. The bird house was new and wonderful. So many wonderful things.
"You're not from around here."


Bird on a stick

parakeet house fun

He wanted to touch one so bad.

"License and Registration, please."

Normalizing public breastfeeding.

Move along.

A crash.

Next time you come, bring me a sandwich.

Headed Home

In our backyard...

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Review of Malevolent by KM Carroll

I really enjoyed reading this book. At first I wanted to punch the heroine in the face for not dumping her stupid boyfriend. She hates him, her mom hates him, everyone hates him and he's flirting with other girls, but she's all, 'I'm too tired to dump him." Agh! Of course then as soon as she gets some energy, she dumps him so fast! I really liked that. She really was just too tired.

I really liked having the POV trade off from hers and his(Malevolent, not the stupid boyfriend) so that you can really get a sense of his interest in her. It's hard to really believe that a guy's all that into a girl, particularly a super duper guy, but I bought it. He was so sweet. Really. Sweet as his honey. And he loved bees. I love a guy who loves bees. I have no idea why, it just seems so deep and complex. Maybe I just love honey. Magic honey. I need some magic honey right now!

I really liked this story and enjoyed the ride all the way to the end.

Get your copy Here.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Pink, Pink, Orange and Cats

My oriental lilies are prolifically lovely this year. Every other year the dear deer snack on the buds before they can bloom. Finally! A wonderful show for us. The smell. The gaudy show-offy loveliness cannot be ignored. This is no demure wallflower. I'm glad that something takes over when most of my other blooms have retired from the too hot too muggy weather. Front and center, Stargazer always steals the show. 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Prime Day at Amazon

Personally, all the cool stuff sold out before I got up this morning, so the "Cooler than Black Friday" hoopla doesn't have a lot of hoop, just la. Luckily for all of us, the very hoopy H.L. Burke put together an actually exciting Prime event you can find here where many very exciting authors have their books available discounted or free (including moi).

Happy Prime Day!!!! 
A Crash of (5) Rhinos

Monday, July 13, 2015

Chasing Fireflies

 I feel like there are flickers of beauty, so bright and unreal I can't fully capture them before they're gone. It's like watching children grow into adulthood. I can't forget to watch, can't close my eyes for a moment or I'll miss the luminescent flash.

apricot hollyhock

dizzy daylily

figure in the landscape

Russian sage


Friday, July 10, 2015

Review and Author Interview! Welcome H.L. Burke

I'm so excited to have you on my blog today! I loved your book. I'm wondering what brought you to this place in your life, why do you write fantasy? Take it away H.L.!

Why Fantasy?
“Mom, are mermaids real?”
I have the hardest time answering questions like this. I don't like to give my daughter a hard no but I also don't like to deceive her. I wish she'd just accept fantasy at face value for a bit longer, let her imagination win, but Coryn is one of those kids who wants to know the truth. 
But dang it, I haven't explored every inch of the ocean! For all I know there COULD be mermaids. What if there are mermaids? 
So I usually end up with, “Well, I've never seen a mermaid . . .”
I think that's why I love fantasy. It's about the impossible or in the very least the improbable, but by taking away the hard and fast lines of reality, it opens up a far bigger world of possibilities. Anything could happen. 
It's easy in the modern world to assume we know everything, that everything has been explored, that there is nothing left to find. However, the truth is, our human knowledge is finite. What lies at the bottom of the ocean? In the furthest reaches of caves? In the deepest jungles? And that's just our earth. What about space? What exactly is out there? 
Fantasy provides a world that is bigger, braver, and more beautiful. It sparks that desire for “something more” that I think was left in us for a reason. Fantasy feeds our natural curiosity. Good fantasy allows us to think about possibilities without straining us into “that's just ridiculous” territory. It makes the improbable seem completely natural. 
So while I don't want my child to be so gullible that she believes in anything, I want her to stay open to the possibility that she doesn't know everything. Also to the reality that she can't possibly know everything. That even if she read every book and discerned every truth known to man, there would just be more questions, more doors to open.
And perhaps some of those doors lead to other worlds. Why not?
Perhaps some of those caves have a sleeping dragon.
Perhaps . . . And that's why I write fantasy, and why I always keep one eye open for mermaids.

Thanks so much for stopping by H.L. I'll be on the lookout for mermaids from you in the future. I believe I heard a rumor that you were submerged in something along those lines.

My review is as follows from H.L.'s book, Lands of Ash. Check it out here!

I came into this book not sure what kind of book I was getting. I'm not sure what I expected, but it surpassed my expectations. The writing flowed beautifully, the world building was dynamic without being too over the top confusing, and the characters were individual and wonderfully complicated. Elements about it reminded me of the Mistborn trilogy by Sanderson.

The plot begins with the end of the world and then shows what happens after that to the people who saved it. Is that a spoiler? H.L. Burke built a rich tapestry that had wonderful layers of development.

My favorite character, Smoke. I LOVE him. He's wise and witty and good but relatable. I love the name.

I love the different abilities the different types of people have, the empaths (Those who can sense and soothe the emotions of those around them) and the sypaths (which are like emotional/energetic vampires). I loved the fight scenes against the fire monster people where the sympath sucked the energy out of the fire monsters and gave it to the good guys making them superhuman with their ice blade weapons. That was super awesome and very well written. I was never left scratching my head uncertain what was going on.

All in all, I'm left on the edge of my seat, looking forward to the next in the series. This prolific writer cannot write fast enough.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Hotblood FREE! Today and tomorrow, I think.

Get yours while it's in stock! (Yeah. Ebooks.) Seriously, if you haven't read Hotblood, now is a good time because it's FREE. here

I hope you love it as much as I do.

Orange you glad...

We've had overcast weather when it hasn't been outright raining. But my windows are sparkling and we aren't overheating.

Chasing Butterflies
Chasing kids

rolling down hills

Running down hills

Pretty water. 

Will turn you into a supervillain.

So will the neon mushrooms. 

Whole field of orange mushrooms.

Furtive fairy mushroom.

So excited to sew Felix Fox.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Hybrid, House of Slide 2nd edition rewritten.

I have done so much work on what I thought would be a quick edit. I rewrote a good third of the thing. I hope that it's an improvement and helps my readers connect better with my characters and the story. I ended it a little less cliff hangery (I am ignoring the red underline). Ah. Now I want to sit back and sew a softie, or two.

Here's an excerpt that I'm pretty silly happy about.

I reached a hand towards the shadows, tentatively pushing through the warm dampness that swallowed my hand in shadows. I felt nothing as I moved my hand down, although there should have been a car seat somewhere halfway up my wrist. It was as though shadows and other stuff didn’t really take up the same space, somehow they switched places. I scooted closer towards him, until with a start he wrapped his hand around my wrist and gave me a sharp tug.

“What are you doing?” he asked in a voice that sounded almost amused, still firmly holding my wrist. He wasn’t made out of mists anyway.

“I thought if I had more mists, closer, then I wouldn’t be able to smell the monster and throw up. Your mists are really potent. I don’t see how you can smell or sense anything else with so much wrapped around you.”

“You get used to it,” he said shortly, then after a moment’s pause. “You actually want to get closer to me? I don’t recommend it, but it wouldn’t bother me.”

I found myself pulled into the darkness, falling forward as gravity ceased having any kind of meaning, swallowed up in the warm, damp world until I found myself touching a shoulder with the hand that wasn’t still held by his. The smell of the mists was so encompassing, so rich, dark, and sweet, that I forgot about the other scent, the other world that had so recently occupied so much of my mind. I felt my heart slow as I relaxed, lost for a long moment in a relief so heavy I felt buoyed by it.

There was nothing to see, so I let my eyes close, not trying to see or make sense of a world inside of my world, a world where there was the Nether, dark and dangerous inside the steaming mist that soothed every ache I had. There was a distinct lack of pain before something shifted inside of my mind or intention, and I realized then that the skin under my hand was bare, wet and slick. My hand slid over the shoulder, down a chest, a stomach with rippling muscles until his other hand came firmly over mine, stopping my progression any lower.

I opened my eyes, startled, but there was nothing to see, although the darkness seemed to caress my eyes, soothing the strain I’d had trying to see in the dim light. I pulled back, suddenly.

He didn’t resist, letting me slip out of his grasp like a fish in a stream until with a choked cry and a disoriented lurch, where I ended half off the seat, I was back in Satan’s car, staring horrified at the shadow across from me while a monster breathed through the glass behind my head with an awful smell that was almost comforting.

“Are you naked?” I shrieked. 

Hope you had a great 4th weekend and a productive catch up Monday.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Happy Birthday to Me!

I love my birthday. I love it! No matter what happens, it is always the best birthday ever. Always. Life gets sweeter and lovelier, and I am surrounded by the most wonderful people in the world. I'm so blessed. I have no idea why I'm so lucky, but I am not complaining!

Don't judge a muffin by its cover.

I forgot her name. Maybe Gypsy Cyanide. 

Books. Hugs. Happiness.

Copper Pot! Day lilies! Cattails!

This is not my book. But I'm destined to be a cunning bird watcher. In Missouri.

For my mother, because she wanted to see my happy birthday to me outfit, got the linen jacket done. Yay! Also the red riding hood felt doll ...