Friday, July 31, 2015

Stuff Happening This Summer

Okay! So, this summer has been rather havoc filled. This last month was like this: little fun, lot of work, lot of fun, a lot more work, and now... My darlingest darling replaced the too small pipe that was always clogging, forcing me to do fun stuff like dishes in the bathtub. It's good it's done, but ugh! Not a very relaxing thing. The ants came because the dishes were stacked around for a long time while we waited for the plumbers to come. Ants happen to love dirty dishes. 

Ta Da! Happy happy dancing ensues.

Happy Dancing.

Something about cauldrons and witches.

Hard at Play.

I love that swimming suit.

From nose to toes. Mud monster.

Happiness = Mud

Random garb thief.

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