Monday, September 12, 2016

Like a bee stings...

I got stung on Saturday, my left ring finger, which had a ring. I had to cut the ring off on Sunday because my finger was so swollen. I've never had such a big sting before. I'm sure it will inspire many scenes of anguish in my books. This week I'm wrapping up this round of Butcher, Baker edits.

I'm taking this moment to reflect deeply with Mr. Bacon.


  1. Oooooo must hurt... I'm sorry for you and your ring, but it's a good thing you're not allergic though! (I am, that would have put me in the hospital) ^____^

  2. Oh no!!! How scary to be allergic! It was bad enough for it to hurt for three days. Do you have to carry an epi pen around with you all the time? Be careful! Be sure to wear gloves!

  3. I'd rather it hurt like it did for you lol (that sounds uncaring, sorry). Epi-pen? nah girl! you can't live your life in fear, besides, bees are cool little dudes, and necessary for our survival! I asked my dad some time ago if it was true that we'd be effed as a species if all the bees died (like they are dying right now, so if you see them, don't kill them!), he's a forest engineer btw, he said that plenty of entire ecosystems would be in serious jeopardy for sure, so... yay for bees!
    Since the "episode" in my childhood when we discovered I was allergic to bees stings, I have found that if I remain calm and not bother them, they leave me alone, no big deal, so if I see a bee buzzing around I just simply move away, I never shoo them or anything, and then it's all cool, live and let live so to speak. Never had a bee sting me since.

  4. Your dad sounds very wise. I love honey so much, that I am very attached to bees. My neighbor has hives up on his roof and so we always have them buzzing around. I shouldn't have been weeding without gloves. It's kind of sad because if a bee stings you, he dies. I'd much rather wasps die if they sting you. Somehow that seems backwards to me. What is that quote, 'A life lived in fear is a life half-lived,' I think, from Strictly Ballroom. Man! I need to watch that again.


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