Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Writerly Wednesday: Finishing up Butcher Baker edits

I'm messing around with the cover. I'm not sure about it. I don't know exactly what I want. This is too romance, the other was too high fantasy. I want something in between. It's a retelling of Shakespeare's 12th Night. What does that look like? This is a little bit romeo and Juliet, but wrong genre.

Anyway. This is an excerpt from Butcher, Baker, Vampire Slayer. I think all my excerpts have been from his perspective. Hers are nice too, but somehow not as cool. Probably because she doesn't have a whip.

The more that came, the faster I moved, my body a perfect weapon, experience flowing through me, around me, over me while the Butchers gathered, following my lead, spreading out to contain the horde while I pushed deeper, harder into the throng. The scent of death, rotting corpses, the jaws of hell gaped after me, and I danced in it to the song of my whip and the drum beat that pounded in my veins. 


She was my heaven, my purpose, the strength that lifted my arm. The hunger had never been sweeter, the night more mine. 

I've written too many kissing scenes and I'm just tired of editing and want to read something fun. Something like Watergirl. :) Maybe even Watergirl 3 even though I am supposed to be working on a first draft of something fun and quick. I think I will take a break for the rest of the week and just not. It's the action. Action takes a lot out of me. Clever dialogue is so hard to write when I'm not feeling very clever (or being very clever). Argh!

Today was crazy. I ran around town, called up all the music shops trying to find a clarinet to rent last minute before band class for the kids. I know it wasn't Wednesday a whole week ago. What happened to time? Was it a wormhole? Wyrmhole?  I'm just glad that I'm not writing about dragons. They are dangerous! More dangerous than Sirens and Butchers. I really like this book, Butcher Baker, but I am really ready to read it instead of editing. Editing is, 'this scene is boring. I'll just skim it until I get to the interesting part, no wait, I'm the writer, that means I have to figure out why this part is boring and sit here and fiddle with it until the words sing and it isn't boring anymore'. Which is boring. And hard. And I can't focus because I need a clarinet by three and the shop is across town, and the roads are all crazy! Also the drivers. Mostly me. And then grocery shopping with five kids in tow, and no one comments how full my two carts are, because they see with their amazing eyes why I have five cartons of oats and half a cart full of bananas. Although someone did say, 'you must like bananas,' and the two year old says, 'I like bananas,' or actually, 'ma laxyz annann' which I understand because I'm insane. As anyone who goes grocery shopping with five kids clearly is. And we had popcorn for dinner and steamed vegetables, the kind you can do in the microwave. Because we have no stove. It's actually kind of awesome not to cook. I have a lot more time to do other things. Some of which I actually like.

Hope you guys are having a good non stressful week!

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