Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Another coat.

Well I made this coat a month ago or so, but the fit was off because of the lining fabric I used, quilted, too thick, and so I sat and stared at it for a while thinking about gussets and in the meantime the kids put him in it and tied scarves around it so it would stay closed and the unfinished seams frayed, so yesterday I grabbed the coat, stuck a zip on it I harvested from an old hoodie, and finished the sleeves, and I'm calling it good. I saw this super cute shirt from Boden with different fabrics, and maybe it worked better for them, but I think it can't help but be adorable when my little snuggle wuggle bear wears it. Zippers. 

Two fabrics, one exposed zipper, but it's finished.

Fighting fists!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Happy New Year!!! This Year's Plan


I just have to say how awesome last year was, meeting fabulous readers and writers, writing some really fun books that I'm reading right now, (Water Gambit, I'm on Chapter 17. Sean, what a Tsundere) and getting ready to release the last book in my House of Slide series!

This past year I learned Photoshop and got good enough that some people actually hired me to make their book covers! I'm going to do a few more here and there but spread them out so I don't get quite so stressed out. It probably had to do with Christmas and trying to finish Hollow. That was a tough book! It's coming together nicely, though. Can't wait to hear from my editor.

Last year was a very busy writing year and after some thought I've decided to scale back. I'm aiming at two books a year until I have fewer other more important things to do. Homeschooling. My oldest is going into high school next year and I have to decide what to do about that. I'm pretty sure we'll do early morning seminary and a charter school focusing on science.

For Sewing I want to make a quilt with appliqué, finish SWAP and make adorable outfits for my kids. No coats.

For Writing, I intend to write whatever I like for the entire year. That makes me smile so much. I loved having a schedule, using it to finish up some amazing projects, but I am so excited to mess around for a year and see what happens.

For Publishing: I am going to publish the books I've already written. Namely, House of Slide 4, Watergirl 3, and Wilds 3. Can't believe I wrote those last year with all the other stuff I had going on. Crazy. I might end up publishing Butcher Baker 2 depending on where my muse leads me and where I'm at next fall. No stress. At least not much!

My favorite music from this past year was definitely STRANGE MAGIC SOUNDTRACK

It's just great. Alan Cummings is absolutely phenomenal as are the rest of the cast. Loved the movie too. George Lucas goes fae.

Best movie: Dr. Strange. LOVED IT SO MUCH I DIED!!!! Fantastical Beasts was also fabulous. Rogue 1 was fine, but honestly, I preferred Suicide Squad. It's pretty much a psychotic romance.

Funnest book to write: Water Lost, Watergirl 3. Oh my heck it was fun!!! I was completely lost in the story. It has problems, namely needing a more structured theme for the main plot arc, but otherwise it's seriously solid. I read it a few days ago and really enjoyed it.

Funnest thing to sew: Charlotte's coat. It turned out so cute and wool is FUN to sew. Although coats. I didn't put a zip in. Whew!

Best Homeschool trip: The beach. Very educational. And sandy.

Best YA Book I read: Dreamology. I really, really liked this one.

So that's what's going on with me. How are your plans coming? Any fabulous New Years resolutions? I don't feel very resolute, just thinking about what I want to do so I don't forget to do it. ;)


Our annual New Year's Tea party.

For my mother, because she wanted to see my happy birthday to me outfit, got the linen jacket done. Yay! Also the red riding hood felt doll ...