Friday, August 4, 2017

This is a really good blog post. Really. Like super good.

Look, I made a banner! Letting it proudly wave! Happy Photoshop Friday!!!!!

Anyway, I feel like I need to make a really good blog post, but seriously, I'm so busy doing fun things. And not fun things. I'm on page 227 or something on Butcher Baker 2. That's fun. I'm kind of just happy that I've finished House of Slide. That's fun. I've taken up running this summer, and every time I go, I jiggle a little bit less. Yep. For some reason, sitting in front of my computer and writing 900 pages in 41 days isn't that slimming. That's Darkly Sweet, coming next year. Right now I want to write the next Watergirl. It's going to be like college dorm life only underwater. FUN. And hard, but let's not focus on that. Hm. Maybe I'm not in a hurry to write that after all. I am in a hurry to read it.

I was in the library today. With five kids. (NOT fun) and I realized that the YA section was jam packed with dark angsty, vampire/dystopian/weird stuff. And that's why Watergirl is so necessary for this world. We need some happy fluffy hot guys with gills, you know? I know.  I was personally looking for that kind of story. But I've got to settle for Butcher Baker2 which is still pretty fun and light. Ah, Armand. I had my husband read this one bit out loud last night, okay, like 25 pages. You know, light reading for a college prof like him, and he snorted and laughed out loud for like three minutes. FUN. 

What else? Harvesting our own mushrooms, the Ash tree Bolete, in case you were wondering, going going going, meetings, don't ask, oh, and now I'm teaching piano lessons. Um. So, busy, which means I want to just hide somewhere dark and write nonsense, or read nonsense, but I'm having a hard time finding the perfect thing. Which is why I write. I actually really want to go back and read Darkly Sweet and Dreadful Delicious, books 1&2 respectively, which are pretty close to publishable, but I'm going to publish the entire 4 book series in one summer. Next year. Will be frantic. But fun. 

Loved Valerian. The movie. The soundtrack, been listening on repeat, along with Kubo's 'While my Guitar Gently Weeps'. Weird show. Loved that too. And Spiderman was super cute, and Wonderwoman, but everyone knows that. Honestly, was more impressed with Valerian. But that's because it's french and I am tres chic. Oui. or Non. Whatever.

My garden is not too shabby. Finally got mulch on it. The day before August, so rawr! The kids tested as brilliant so I can be less frantic and worried I'm destroying their brains by not shoving them in pub school. Pub school would be so cool. Like a different pub every day, learning lessons from all the veterans and other interesting folks who habitate the space. Hm. Maybe next year. 

For my mother, because she wanted to see my happy birthday to me outfit, got the linen jacket done. Yay! Also the red riding hood felt doll ...