Friday, April 21, 2017

Dragons and shelves

Hello! This post is mostly for my mother. Hi mom! She's very excited to see my kitchen shelf. I am too. It makes me feel all grown up to have a pretty shelf holding pretty things. Particularly plants. I love plants! And my kitchen. I love my kitchen so much. 

We've been having a good week homeschool-wise, full of science, art, and music, the best kind of education as far as I'm concerned. It's been really fun because we're studying the periodic table, and I've been learning about elements and using them in the book I'm working on. Like magical science. Strontium! Magnesium! Which ones make pink flame and which ones make green. 

Also, we did this Youtube tutorial, how to draw a dragon. I spent three hours on that, just drawing. So nice to do real life art, not just mess with and mangle illustrator and photoshop. 

Right now I have a cold. Yesterday was horrible, but today I'm feeling a little bit better. I hope you're all doing wonderfully well!

We got our shelf up!!!!

Love that lily!

Copper! Plants! 

12 year old's dragon.

10 year old's dragon.

13 year old's dragon.

5 year old's dragon. (Isn't it awesome?)

30 something year old's dragon.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Water Lost is out. And I'm a fiction writer.


I was reading about how to be a real writer, and I do about half the things on the list, so I'm only sort-of a writer. Ah well. Maybe next year. One of those things I don't do, is be engaging and interesting on my blog/email, to make my readers super happy. Their examples were as follows: to share about the time I climbed Mt. Everest, the time I trekked across China on foot, and the time I went to India to visit a Hindu temple. Also shaved my head and learned the ninja way, no doubt. Who does this??? I'm a fiction writer. I can write about the last trek I took across China, got kidnapped by Mt. Everest climbers and was rescued by ninjas who taught me the way of the orange foot, but seriously, who wants to hear about that? Not my readers. My readers want too-hot-to-be-human love interests.

The deep dark truth about me is that my life as is, is quite pleasantly boring. Our biggest and most frustrating treks are through the grocery store with five kids in tow. That's enough trauma. ENOUGH. I've had trauma and I don't want any more, thank-you-very-much.

Now that I've gotten that out of my system, I'd like to announce the arrival of a very special guest, one that some people have been waiting for ages to meet. Without further ado:

Monsters. Magic. Mayhem. Genevieve Castle was always part outcast, part loner, but now she finds herself living with her dad in their tiny two bedroom house with her too-hot-to-be-human boyfriend sleeping on the couch and his deadly dangerous trainer unloading his personal arsenal in the living room while the psychotic monster in the lake now lives in her tub. 

With too many people in her too small house, Genevieve's only escape is to sneak out to her lake and sing out her stress. Unfortunately, Prince Oliver, her obsession, bought her lake and every time she sees him she loses herself a little bit more. With pirates, monsters, drug dealers and social anxiety, what could possibly go wrong?

You can get WATER LOST HERE!!!!! Please leave a review if it won't give you a nervous breakdown. Sometimes these things are hard. Happy reading!!!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Water Lost! The cover!!!!

I'm going over the final edits for this fabulous book, at least I was but my laptop crashed two nights ago. My stuff is backed up, but now how am I supposed to write? No idea. Will have to use the desktop or something CRAZY like that. 

Excerpt time! The scent of Sean, seaweed and spice, filled my nostrils while the rest of the world hovered on the periphery of my sleep. That smell was enough, even in my subconscious, to keep me from screaming as I woke, taking deep, trembling breaths as I fought against the nightmare, the swirling water that pulled me down and down and down.

Yeah? The working title for this book was, 'The Scent of Sean'. The working title for Watergirl 2 was, 'Sean is so Hot', so I think I'm getting slightly more poetic. I've been editing this since the beginning of March, and it's looking kind of good. I've also been writing the next one in my head. I'll have to do an outline if I ever figure out this computer thing.

Weird. Half of my house's power crashed and then came back on. It's so nice when things like this blog post save. :) Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Things in my house.

First off I feel like I should clarify my book, Darkly Sweet, (because my mother started to get worried when she heard about how scandalous this book is) which has no sex, maybe two mild swears, and is genuinely funny. There are characters in the book (not the main character) who are not lovely, charming, uplifting characters, and I write them like that. Some are downright horrible, and that comes out in what they say and how they act. There are frank discussions about sex as well as gossip about who is sleeping with who, and the magic stuff is kind of dark, violent, and scary. Which is why I'm thinking about not publishing it, but it's not erotica by any means. Since there's no sex. Whew. Now that I got that off my chest and probably no one cares besides my mother...

I got a new wheat grinder!!!! It's so pretty. Otherwise it's been pretty dull, writing and laundry and homeschool group and checking math and more laundry and dishes, and dinner. Time to shake it up!

Mmmm breakfast!

Happy Birthday!

Dishes can be so pretty.


Sunset. No, it's actually another sunrise.

It CAME!!!!!! And had sea green bubbles. Magical!

We're all very happy about it.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Sew Saturday: Pajamas edition.

Yeah, I did these a while back on one day, but it was so fun(read insane) why not put them on the old blog? Right? I had just started the monster that is Darkly Sweet when I made these, so impressive I tried to do something else. So I made four bottoms and four tops on one crazed Saturday. I didn't use patterns. Patterns what? So it's a miracle they fit at all. Or I've gotten really good to functioning while obsessing about witches and mages and dragons and snarky Penny Macaroon Lane. Oh I love her so much.

Photoshoots are dangerous with teenagers. Had to dodge that pillow.

So two pairs of pj's that are almost exactly the same. How is that not awesome?

He's all, I think these might be weird, and I'm all, naw, it's cool. Like Jester, you know, super cool. Does he look convinced?

I have no idea.

So green and brown were the themes for these PJ's. And I managed to pull it off. Wow, I have a lot of brown fabrics.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Darkly Sweet

I've been writing what I think is the first draft of a three book series. I'm almost to two thousand words and not finished. So that's taken a lot of time. I'm not sure if I'll publish it because it's a pretty vulgar classless piece of chick lit fantasy that I find absolutely hilarious, but it doesn't appeal to my desire to uplift the world and not traumatize eleven-year-olds. Maybe I can edit out the worst bits, but the premise is witches who are pretty brutal and terrible, who learn how to be civilized or something. Also dragons! Oh my goodness dragons are fun. I've never written anything with dragons before but I think I am now. Everything dragons.

I would love to be finished with this thing so that I can move on to final edits of Hollow and of course edits of Water Lost, book 3 of Watergirl. That is such a fun book. I mean, that was an obsessive writing session more than any other book, just sucked me in and spit me out in three weeks. I feel kind of like a victim where my stories are concerned, just dragged around into these weird worlds without any kind of say, but I do edit them. A lot. You're welcome.

Other news... Hm.

Nothing much, just writing Darkly Sweet like these people are beating me with weasels. I have no other words/brains for anything else. It's a good thing laundry takes so little brains.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Another coat.

Well I made this coat a month ago or so, but the fit was off because of the lining fabric I used, quilted, too thick, and so I sat and stared at it for a while thinking about gussets and in the meantime the kids put him in it and tied scarves around it so it would stay closed and the unfinished seams frayed, so yesterday I grabbed the coat, stuck a zip on it I harvested from an old hoodie, and finished the sleeves, and I'm calling it good. I saw this super cute shirt from Boden with different fabrics, and maybe it worked better for them, but I think it can't help but be adorable when my little snuggle wuggle bear wears it. Zippers. 

Two fabrics, one exposed zipper, but it's finished.

Fighting fists!