Saturday, January 27, 2018

Sew Saturday Boy's Coat hotchpotch

This has taken me ages to finally get done. Poor kid. Now that it's 60 degrees out there, it's finished. :) I love sewing wool. It stays put. The lining was fiddly. Interlined the sleeves and hood with poly fleece, but the body is a nice quilted cotton lining. Everything from my stash. I've been collecting wool for a long time. And once more, my hoarding ways are validated.

Something kind of funny. I forgot how to invisible stitch for one sleeve cuff and then I remembered for the next one and the hem. Buttons are my friend. Zippers always break in our house. The last coat I made for this guy I replaced the zipper four times. None of that with this coat.

Why must you torture me?

Is it plaid...

Or herringbone?

Nicely lined. Not itchy at all. 

Looking pensive. Also hot.

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