Friday, September 9, 2016

Fan Friday! Egotistical Jerks Playlist!

Hello! Thank you Princess for the Egotistical Jerks Playlist. We'll provide these for your listening pleasure. :D

It just doesn't get cooler 80's punk than this.

I'm Too SEXY!!!!

I love this song! Such a great old sound.

It is a great song!

So INTERESTING a sound, right?!

Taiwanese Metal. Oh, yeah! 

Can't believe I actually used to listen to this. I'm OLD!


I REALLY love this one. REALLY.

This was SO Awesome WEIRD!

WOW. THIS WAS MY FAVORITE. SO GREAT!!!!!! I'm listening to more of these guys.

Bonus Song for Watergirl!

And Bonus Monster Games Theme SONG!!!! 

Thanks so much Princess Jime for your suggestions! If any of my lovely readers would like to include a song in the comments, I'd be delighted to listen to them!


  1. I really love the monster games song. Which is your favorite?

  2. Confession time, I'm a huge Nine Inch Nails fan, so it's weird for me that this didn't come to my mind when making the playlist...

    A song that Oliver could dedicate to Genevieve: The Perfect Drug.

    A song that Sean could dedicate to Genevieve: We're in This Together.

    Two songs that Genevieve could dedicate to herself: La Mer and The Great Below.
    La mer:

    The great below:

    that last one... it's like it was made for her... for them all...

  3. The Perfect Drug was Absolutely Amazing! What a fantastic video and PERFECT for Oliver. We're In This Together, is just perfect for Sean. He's so sweet and loves her so much! La Mer is so beautiful! I didn't know NIN was so versatile! The Great Below is so beautiful and the lyrics are SO PERFECT!!!! Thanks Princess!

  4. IKR! lol. I've had a crush on Trent Reznor since forever... he's such a good musician, Oscar winning too (I was so proud when he and Atticus Ross won for the soundtrack to The Social Network movie), aaaaanyway, that video for The Great Below, to me that is Gen and Sean dancing underwater, it's like cannon now in my mind, glad you liked all of them!
    I remember when I heard that song, and saw the images... I felt that they told such a beautiful story, I was in love, cut to now and seeing how perfectly they fit your story, it's like fate yo.

  5. I've never seen the Social Network movie. I'll have to put it on my list. I love that video. And Sean and Gen need to dance underwater, except he's nervous about it because he's already too crazy in love with her and that would push him over the edge. :D It is FATE! DESTINY! I'm going to go watch it again.

  6. Oh oh oh oh oh!!!!!
    Giiiirl! slayed! uwaaaaaa!

    1. Btw, that movie was meh *shrugs* (I'm not a facebook fan) but the soundtrack...

  7. I loved that girl version. So fantastic! That song. So compelling. Okay. I'll just go listen to the soundtrack. ;)


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