Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Writerly Wednesday, Butcher, Baker, Vampire Slayer

It's just an excerpt. I'm editing, but the going is slow because I have all these scenes that someone needs to write. I'm the only monkey I can pay with bananas. All the other monkeys want legos or something.

Anyway, I thought it was kind of fun and sad, and lovely. Orion is Duke Orsino, and Violetta is Viola, etc. from this 12th night adaptation. Orion is also a Butcher, or The Butcher, because he's supposed to be seriously awesome. I always thought that Orsino was a whiny, obnoxious putz. But also pretty much super hot.


I shook my head and my smile faltered. Her mother would not like Olivia with Sebastian any more than my father would approve of Violetta. And I, I had her even less than I had Olivia.

A wave of longing clogged up my throat and made my stomach clench. I needed a cream puff. One taste. I would kill for one.

Of course, I would kill anyway.

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