Tuesday, September 6, 2016

For my sister and mother. A literate Hedgehog.

So, I made this last Friday, and it's been sitting there on the bench in my room for months waiting to be sewn up, so I'm pretty stoked that it happened. Woohoo! I used a coloring page for the basic shapes. This appliqué took about five hours. Ugh! But the rest of it went together so easily that it almost made up for it. The full lining is the same fabric as the mushroom head. tan with pink paisley. She's worn it for three days straight(the dirt is showing. It should wash out. Let's hope so), so I take it that it's a success. Makes me want to sew more things for these gorgeous kids. I did make three pairs of training pants for the 2 year old today. SO EXCITING!!!

In other news, I found a cassette tape this morning labelled, 'weird stuff' and so I popped that sucker into my radio, glad that I still have a radio with a tape player, and got to listen to the wonderful sound of breaking up. It was a break up tape with such a great list of songs. Pogues, King and Queen of New York, Tina Turner, can't stand the rain, Chris Isaac, I believe, George Michael, kissing a fool, Bjork, no idea, Radiohead, Fake plastic trees, U2, One... It makes me want to write a break up scene. 


  1. love the lines you've used to make the hedgehogs features

  2. Thank you so much! I'm glad somebody appreciates it. It was a pretty miserable thing to sew all those teeny tiny lines, but miraculously my thread didn't break even if my eyes did!


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