Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Boy's room Finished! (Finally)

I've been working on the house one room at a time, and we finally got the boy's room done. That means that we don't have two twin beds in the living room, where they've been for over a month. That room needs serious cleaning. I had no idea they had that many dirty socks.

The room before wasn't terrible. Honestly, I probably should have left it alone, but the carpet had to go and after my darling husband built the awesome triple decker, I wanted to have that finished. I didn't. For some reason, using the wrong sandpaper turns a four hour job into a few weeks of dusty contemplation, which I spent plotting Watergirl 2.

I'm having FUN with Watergirl 2. I'm on schedule on page 75 or something, and I haven't hit a roadblock yet. I love dialogue. And boys with gills.

Wow. Looking at the photos all together like this, it's kind of depressing how much similar they look. All that work and nothing dramatic, BAM! big change. I should have painted it purple instead of french vanilla.


Also before. Perfectly decent.

After. The floor is well sanded.

Also after. That's where I dumped the bucket of dark brown paint.

We have sawdust inside the storm windows and the aluminum ones. We need to figure out how to do something about that. OR get used to it. :)

This is the closest to in real life color.

the bed! Maybe too orange. It's supposed to be the color of Mr. Fox.

Mr. Fox

Mary Engelbreit lives in St. Louis.

Pretend the middle deck is made up. :)


  1. Wow, that looks beautiful! Nice work!

    1. Thanks so much! It doesn't really look like this. The floor is now covered in bionicles and legos, but I'd like to think it was pretty for a few minutes. ;)

  2. What a great bed! That would be a fun room to live in.

    1. John did a wonderful job. His woodworking skills get better and better!

  3. Great work! And page 75... awesome!

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