Thursday, September 25, 2014

HobGoblins! Remade Project Run and Play 2nd week

I really love remaking things. This sweater I found at thrift had stripes! I love babies in stripes and dots. That is the purpose of stripes and dots. I was thinking, Autumn, hm, what is autumnal but not spooky? Ravens, leaves, and Misty Mountains, right? LIKE THE HOBBIT!!! I loved the 1st movie. Second was good, but not enough poetry/singing. The book, naturally, the best. 

I designed the super clever insignia below, the red is a thrifted turtleneck. Machine sewed onto the bamboo taupe stuff with hand embroidered "Far over the Misty Mountains Cold", a song we love and which my 11 year old knows all the extra verses they didn't put in the movie. I used the Ottobre 'Goblin Suit' from Winter 2007 (wow, I've been subscribing a long time). The sweater 'grew' a lot in the sewing process so there's lots of growing room.  

New babies are just the best. Not that they need hats with ears to look cute, but I love it so much!

This is a pic of my 6PAK from Stitcher's Guild. They do these every season. I love mix and match, all remade from thrifts. Note the trailing thread... or not.

This is my second week playing along with Project Run and Play

I love all the beautiful things people come up with. There are so many different beautifuls.

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  1. Aw! This is so sweet! I chuckled reading how your sweater 'grew' in the sewing process :)


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