Thursday, October 2, 2014

Denim Challenge

So... I found this blue denim twill that defies natural laws of pigmentation. They're even brighter than The Shoes. I used the same fabric from the tank to make a raglan T, with a light blue pocket instead of yellow. I don't know about using bright blue as a 'neutral', but it seems to work for her.

She picked the bold metal button. I'm the most pleased with my interesting welt pocket. It turned out quite nice.

She makes autumn lively!  For more nice versions, check out Project Run and Play


  1. I love how bright those pants are! Such a cute outfit!

    1. Bright is her style. I think bright pants would be fun for grownups too!

  2. How cute is she! I love her haircut. I bought some skinny jeans once that were about that same color, but they fit me weird and looked even weirder. She pulls off that color well.


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