Monday, October 6, 2014

Watergirl Juried Art Exhibit and Booktalk!

Mary made this work of art!
What a whirlwind last week! I spent Tuesday tracking down frames and getting my paintings ready to hang, all of Wednesday hanging paintings (sore arms and fingers), Thursday and Friday were blurs, then Saturday came with a whoosh and a bang.

Mary and I, and my new book cover!
Mary is the operator of ArtZibs where they, "bring artists and the community together through Art Exhibits". She also decorates a mean (and delicious) cake.

The exhibit will be open for the entire month of October, but for distant friends, here are some pics!

First section of Watergirl Exhibit. Mary covertly straightens a painting.

Inspired by Watergirl wall 2

Mary with her beautiful art
Mary's other art display

Mary works in acrylic. For her, it's about creating fun paintings that are all about the color! I love the bold lines!

She let me take up the whole room because my big oils are very big and pushy, and would not fit in display cases. 

My oils. I will set up  my etsy shop some day. Now accepting commissioned portraits. 

I'll leave you with a picture of me reading Watergirl. I know. Very exciting, right?! 

 Thanks to all the awesome people who came, chatted, ate cake, and bought books! 


  1. Is there any chance for a sequel or even a series for Watergirl?

  2. Hey! I'm so glad you stopped by. I have a second book in the works. Hopefully it will be ready next spring. Right now I'm doing edits of House of Slide, Hunter with a Prequel coming out this fall of my House of Slide series. I'm having a hard time juggling all these worlds, but they'll all come eventually. Thanks for asking!


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