Saturday, September 6, 2014

Got the Blues...Especialy Neon.

Do you see those little flecks of bright blue on the butterfly wings? Those specks of blue are the color of my 3 yr old's eyes. The background fabric is navy, although you can't see it very well here. I'm trying to corral my bright-loving girl's colors so that she looks a little bit cohesive and her clothes mix and match. So, her neutral is blue, from navy to neon.

We went shoe shopping and found a pair of shoes that fulfilled their destiny once she clapped eyes on them. We pry them off her at night to go to bed. They are THE shoes.
THE shoes. Note the orange neon.
She doesn't like dresses. Doesn't like is too mild. I struggle to clothe her Sunday mornings. Making her dresses frustrates me with the endless hatred she has for anything ruffled, gathered, frilled, etc. There was only one solution. I let her wear the shoes with the dress.

I admit, I haven't really won the war, not when she wears tennis shoes to church, but one battle at a time.

I used the dress and cardigan pattern from Ottobre's Winter 2013, #6&#7

I didn't line the dress the way they told you to, so I had to fiddle around to bind the neck and armholes. I probably should have simply lined it, at least the bodice. Next time, if I make it another time. I did french seam the side seams and flat fell the shoulders. So it's super fancy to go with the shoes. sigh.

I bought some bright, bright blue twill to make her some khaki (should I use quotations?) pants. I love buying fabric, particularly on sale, but it is certainly not my color scheme.

Anyone else forced to trick one's children into wearing dress clothes? I'd love to hear about it!

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