Friday, October 30, 2015

Wilds and Edits

I am working on Wilds. I guess I'm trying to see if I can finish things instead of drawing them out like homemade taffy. I made taffy once at my friend's birthday party when I was nine or so. It took forever. I'll never forget pulling and pulling and pulling and pulling. It was awesome. I don't remember how it tasted, just the pulling.

I'm writing from different POV's for chapter 3 which I'm supposed to have polished to a gleam by tomorrow. Oh Halloween! I'm so excited. I finished making costumes yesterday. Being finished a day or two early is pretty abnormal for me, of course I did break down and order a boba fett and darth vader costume instead of fiddling with the making.

I got pics for reference for Hunter cover last evening. Things are moving forward. Of course, they always do whether you're ready for them or not.

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