Wednesday, January 22, 2014

You Probably Shouldn't...

I have five kids. 5. I have no idea where they all came from. I think some of them crawled from the subterranean cavern adjoining the basement while I made gruel.

Anyway. I like to go places, particularly somber adult places like museums and concerts. In a few years it will be lovely to have children old enough to herd and corral those younger lego eating creatures, but for now, they are my entourage. All of them. All five, 5 of them.

Chicago Skyline behind my intrepid climbers.
Places you may wish to go, like a big city, Chicago maybe, you might not wish to visit in January right after one of the biggest storm's they've seen. If you do anyway, you might not want to take your squad as well. If you do go, and take your crew, you might not want to inflict the local high-brow Institute of Art with them, causing alarms to go off (the real kind) and guards to inform you that your children are a fire hazard.

Me? I knew I probably shouldn't, but I did anyway.

There was some snow.

And it was FANTASTIC!

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