Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Misty Mountains

I'm not sure where to start with this. I've been feeling like my creativity is kind of nil. I can sew, and I'm fast and efficient (and crooked) but I'm not particularly canny about creating my own patterns or anything like that. Except for sometimes which I tend not to count(not sure why). 

I was on this very fun site in wonder and awe at all the creativity and sheer originality that the woman pours into her clothing and textiles. I was thinking, "why can't I do that?" which is actually kind of silly because I CAN do it, and what's more, I do. 

To prove it to myself, I have here an image I tried to do a pdf link with, but absolutely failed, so instead I made it a jpg, which should be clickable and printable, but if not, sigh. I tried. I'm sharing my creativity to prove it happened. 

At any rate, this is a decal I created when I was trying to think of something to put on a onesie that would be wintery without being snowy. If that makes sense. I was thinking ravens, bicycles, but then the Hobbit, which comes out in winter, therefore is wintery, has the poem/song that fixated me for so long that I transposed it and made my children play it on the piano. If only I could figure out the upload pdf thing then I could share that too, as though someone else in the net is interested in my simplified piano version. Anyway. This is in the same vein. I originally designed this in adult size, and I sized down for the newborn suit, of course, but I have no idea what size it is here. It's embarrassing how little I know. 

This is the completed onesie on the newborn. It didn't fit terribly well then, but now it's perfect at 3 months. I always make things larger than newborn to start. This baby has been the sweetest, smallest baby I've ever had. He actually fit into newborn clothing for a few days. 

Beneath the extremely fantastic decal I embroidered, "far over the misty mountains cold" which is whimsical and wintery as far as I'm concerned.

Also wearing a goblin hat. Not mine though. Pattern is from Ottobre 4/2007.

I feel like I've gone about this creating thing all backwards. When I was young, I exhaled creativity, but I lacked skill. Now I'm all skill and no art, at least that's how I feel. Maybe as I go forward I can be a little bit of both. Happy thought.

Any inspiration you'd like to share but can't?

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