Friday, January 30, 2015

Apricot truffle, holiday dress

shepherdess or ballerina?
 I had a wonderful time making this dress, all but the zipper. I drafted the bodice out of apricot challis and put peaches and cream chantilly stretch lace over, finished with bias on the neckline.

My inspiration came in part from the fabric (the apricot faux lamb shearling) and part from when I was very small and my parents danced in the Nutcracker as ballroom dancers. I would wait in the green room and watch the dancers come and go. The elegant ballerinas made quite an impression on me. I still remember the way Clara's nightgown spun and curled around her legs.

I used two layers, circles of rayon challis for the beautiful skirt. I thought about adding lace on the bottom, but I think that it would spoil the drape. I used quite a lot of fabric, but look how it moves.

She loves wearing it although I think brighter colors contrast with her complexion and give her more color. Next time I'll use the apricot challis on me.  

For accessories, I designed and drafted a beret and  detachable collar. It makes the dress almost wintery. 

I really liked making accessories. They're like frosting and make outfits much more delicious!


  1. Beautiful, fit for the Royal Ballet.

  2. What an absolutely gorgeous dress! your daughter looks just beautiful in this colour in my opinion :)


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