Sunday, January 10, 2016

Monday Makes: A for Alligator and B for Bear. Also Thumbnails and sketches

This is a beautiful day, but cold! Ah well. I've been trying and trying to conceptualize covers for Watergirl and Barbs and Elvs, or 'Forget Me Not', which is rather generic, but beats Barbs and Elvs. I think. I like books where I know the title from the beginning. Watergirl, Butcher, Baker, it takes out a lot of the stress. I'm completely overwhelmed with covers this round. I want something beautiful and elegant and whimsical and magical and romantic and... something far above my level of illustration. Of course I will pretend it isn't and keep at it until something blessed occurs. At which point I will go to bed. 

Lemon Tree, very pretty. I meant to take a picture of the blossoms, but I smelled them instead.
Aaaaaaaa! Bbbbbbbbbrrrr!
B for Baby Bear's Belly.
A for Alligator says ah.
His name's Al.
buttons. And other things. Is that an earring? I was looking for that.
Silk, Quilt, Curtain.
'Forget Me Not' formerly Barbarians and Elves. Something like this. Maybe.
I'm trying to figure out the covers of Watergirl. I have 5 more books tentatively planned. That means new cover for the original that work over a series. I kind of love this but I think it doesn't scream contemporary Fantasy.

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