Saturday, January 2, 2016

New Year

Wow! I can't quite catch up to the idea that 2015 has gone the way of all good things. And bad things.  It's been a crazy great year. We moved, I made a schedule (that I've stuck to) I've sewn a million things and ripped up carpets and lived in boxes for six months (which actually helped me focus on writing) and basically lived life.

Plans for 2016 involve more painting. This last year has been so crazy busy with writing, it's kind of skewed my art in that direction instead of being more balanced like I like. I want to do more variety instead of rushed ink jobs when I need a cover. Hopefully that happens.

It's still going to be a crazy writing year. This butcher, baker series has taken over my brain, and I have a fairly solid working copy, so that's going to be a three book series out next fall through winter. I think 6 books a year is my goal although that means more fluffy books because frankly, House of Slide books are hard to write. So much stuff going on in them and I need to do them right. So, after I finish House of Slide, in JULY I'll only do kind of simple stuff, like Watergirl. I have a plan to have two Watergirl books out this year. I planned it a standalone, but it morphed into a six book series. Maybe that will change. I don't know. I love the world. Two Butcher Baker Books, and a couple of novellas. (Wilds Part II and III) That's this year as far as writing goes. It's going to be fun.

Homeschooling. I really want to hit science and history hard. The kids are eating up computer programming, so it's kind of easy to set them up and write while they're occupied. We're going to do Astronomy, and more than the first chapter of the book. Ancient History, the first month is going to be Egypt, and we're going to go to the museum to check out the sarcophagii? (how do you spell that?) We'll do a different country every month so hopefully be able to do cultural things, literature, music, art, clothing, food, language, that kind of thing. I will hopefully be able to write my name in hieroglyph by February. We're going to read aloud the Kane Chronicles.

Personal fitness... Yeah. I should do some of that.

Sewing plans are rather ambitious: A 12 pack for each kid. I have ideals about sewing one's own clothes, being self-sufficient and not exporting our slave labor to other countries. It's one of my ideologies. Yep. I have those every once in awhile. Also, I want to finish the SWAP for me this year.

I think that's enough for now.
New Year's Day Walk


paper lanterns

purple flowers
knotty wood

ducks and fountains

green grass

less green
sparkling sunshine so bright I could barely open my eyes. The most perfect day to begin a most perfect year.

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