Wednesday, December 30, 2015

House of Slide: Wilds, Part I

May I present to you a prequel Novella of House of Slide, Wilds!

With her powers of wind and lightning at her fingertips, Helen arrives at London, prepared to rescue her brother from his catastrophic choice to abandon the House of Slide, leaving safety behind her.

However, only hours later, she finds her plans upended, stuck in the city in the middle of a civil war as Houses fight Houses. Worst of all, she is not at the mercy of an unethical Hybrid Assassin, Matthew, who knows more about Helen than she knows about herself.

Helen must come to grips with her own place in the House, the truth about why her brother left, and what part she'll play in a world where the stakes aren't only your freedom and your sanity, but your very soul.

 FREE on smashwords until Amazon catches up, then it will be all free there too. :)

Thanks so much to all the people who encourage my writing. <3

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