Monday, March 28, 2016

SWAP is almost over!!!

I have decided that I'm going to finish SWAP, really, really quickly. We'll see if that happens. Knitting a sweater, really, really quickly, does that happen?

This is my SWAP plan. I'm changing it up a little bit. The blue skirt? I want an olive instead. I was looking in my closet for an olive skirt, not a blue one. The blue pants? Swapping them out for a pair of store bought blue jeans. The rust coat and leggings? Swapping them for cream linen suit. So, more spring/summer, but still basically the same. Ish. 

I'm trying to organize this thing. First up, what I want most. That's the Olive Sweater and a Skirt. I'm thinking that this Pattern on Revelry will be a good basis of it, but I'm going to completely make it up. We'll see how that goes. I'm going to combine two green yarns, one medium, one lace weight, and see what happens. It will be interesting, anyway. I have 2 weeks to knit a sweater. And make an olive skirt. I have no idea what kind it will be, something handkerchief/fluttery or asymmetrical wrap, I don't know. But I have two weeks for that too.

This is my Schedule:
1- Olive Sweater, Olive Skirt
2-T-shirts and Olive Pants
3- button-down, dress
4-linen suit
And if I can do those things by the end of April, I will win the prize of Most Crazy Procrastinator Ever!!!!

Wish me luck.

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