Thursday, August 11, 2016

92 Pages of Watergirl 3

Hello. This isn't a big post, because I've already written 22 pages today and my head is buzzing like a chainsaw running out of gas. On fumes? Something. I love it. Make that, I LOVE IT!!!!! It's the cutest stuff with Junie and Dean. I wanted to make an entire book for them, but this is better. Lots of stuff. I'm feeling a little, um, 94 pages to cover the first 2 chapters in my outline. That just means that this will be a longer first draft than most of mine.

I'm reading a book, Write. Publish. Repeat. It's about how to write lots of books with a team who you can trade off editing and work in a really efficient manner, kind of machine shop-like and I was thinking that I'm kind of like that with my husband, only not vice versa because he writes all this theoretical brainy stuff and I'm always like, "Why don't you tell me why I'm supposed to care? Where's the dialogue and the supernatural monsters?" Which is not very helpful. Sorry honey! What was I saying? Oh, yes! So this story is subtitled: The No luck required guide to self-publishing success. All you have to do is find a thousand readers, 1000 who will buy anything you write and you'll be set, ahem, if you also write a hundred books. I can't do math that well. Is that like a million dollars if you sell each book for a dollar? I don't know.  What is the point of this? Oh, well, I guess if I wanted to turn this writing thing into a career, I would write a million Watergirl books (ok, just a hundred) and then I'd be set if a thousand people bought them. Neither of these scenarios seem particularly reality based. I suppose I'll stick to my, "I am a privileged housewife who writes for pleasure" thing. Hard to think like that when I'm writing as much as I do, spending so much time on it although today along with writing 22 pages, I also folded more laundry than should possibly exist in one living room at a time. Talk about privileged housewife!

So that's it for today. Do you want a snippet from Watergirl 3?

Dean only smiled broadly. "Simply put, girls cut into my profits. I'll let you tell people that I'm your man to keep your insanity under wraps. In return..."

"In return? You'll let me tell people that you're my man? Like I need a man? Like I'm some kind of feeble, helpless, ridiculous girl in a push-up bra and pantyhose who can't open a can of beans without help from someone who pees standing up?"

"Junie, we all know that you're the kind of girl who can piss standing up. Spin it however you want, but fact is, you'll be at my place."

That's it for today. Have a nice weekend.

<3 <3 <3


  1. That almost sounds like a pyramid scheme, and one I'd get behind ... if I could write that quickly. I *knew* there was going to be more between Junie and Dean. Poor Tuba.

  2. :D You are reading between the lines. Excellent work! Four stars for you! Or is it five? ***** I admit, reading books about 'how to do it' make me want to quit at once. It's so deadening to think about how to convert people into readers while trying to be creative. I don't technically disagree with anything they say so far, though. Pyramid schemes are awesome if you're at the top!


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