Monday, October 3, 2016

Things I've been doing.

Beading and embroidering for this fantastic ballgown. We must make these from time to time. Yes. I'm doing these for covers. I think I really like to write, just so that I can dress people up and take pictures of them in bizarre clothing. Beautiful.

Also cabinets. Yes, I'm finished with the first half of them. Yay! And they are as deliciously gorgeous as I hoped they'd be. :D

Also field trips with kids, pumpkins, etc. and formatting. OH!!!! The paperback of Water gambit is live! You can buy it here!!!!!

unglazed but perfectly pretty.

left is glazed, right is just the paint. Oh how I love the glaze, let me count the ways... 
In process. It's like a glorious oil painting. Because, er, it is.

My painting clothes. And gloves. And hair. I should have pulled it back first. I kept having to fish hairs out of my paint.

Working on my beading project during General Conference. 

My name in lights. (light pen at the kid's museum)

My hair after I took it out of the braids. And chocolate.

The kids were all screaming and hammered and I'm just chill like, 'my hearing is going and it doesn't bother me, scream all you want.' ;)

This is the bodice of the dress for my cover of Hotblood. I love it so much. I want it. Does it need more beads? Hmmm

Leaves in the pond because it's FALL!!!

I love the stem on this gourd.

Got my mums planted. :) 


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