Thursday, November 17, 2016

Frankenpatterning a coat.

I made my daughter a coat. I'm not sure why, but I hate making coats. Probably something to do with zippers. To be honest, I actually enjoyed almost the entire process of this making. I used a wool for the outside, a quilted cotton for the lining, and bound it with a coral stretch wool I harvested from a pair of bizarre pants I found for two bucks a few years ago. I knew they'd come in handy some day. I love wool. I love sewing with wool although it's hard to keep up with kids who need wash and wear garments.

Charlotte fell in love with Boden's Dreamcatcher's cape coat. Before I had the chance to decide whether or not it would be worth spending $125 on it, it was sold out. So, I was looking on Amazon for a similar shape and found a very lightweight cotton cape with ears and a doll on the pocket. It wasn't heavy enough for winter, though, so we (that's actually me) designed this based on a few coat patterns and voila! fait accompli! (we are studying French.) I looked and looked for a pattern in this shape. It was the most frustrating part of this project. I'm kind of pleased with how well it turned out, although I forgot the hook.


Something weird is going on with the pockets. They were even at some point. Maybe putting on the buttons messed it up. Maybe I'll unpick that one. 

cute and cozy. She loves it and that's what counts.


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