Friday, April 21, 2017

Dragons and shelves

Hello! This post is mostly for my mother. Hi mom! She's very excited to see my kitchen shelf. I am too. It makes me feel all grown up to have a pretty shelf holding pretty things. Particularly plants. I love plants! And my kitchen. I love my kitchen so much. 

We've been having a good week homeschool-wise, full of science, art, and music, the best kind of education as far as I'm concerned. It's been really fun because we're studying the periodic table, and I've been learning about elements and using them in the book I'm working on. Like magical science. Strontium! Magnesium! Which ones make pink flame and which ones make green. 

Also, we did this Youtube tutorial, how to draw a dragon. I spent three hours on that, just drawing. So nice to do real life art, not just mess with and mangle illustrator and photoshop. 

Right now I have a cold. Yesterday was horrible, but today I'm feeling a little bit better. I hope you're all doing wonderfully well!

We got our shelf up!!!!

Love that lily!

Copper! Plants! 

12 year old's dragon.

10 year old's dragon.

13 year old's dragon.

5 year old's dragon. (Isn't it awesome?)

30 something year old's dragon.

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