Friday, May 12, 2017

Darkly Sweet and a conglomeration of covers.

Hello! I just thought I'd put this out here. It's always interested to me to see the creative process in process. And what a process it is. This has been my most confusing cover to date. I think because the genre is so quirky. It's Addam's Family meets Mean Girls, and it's dark and it's funny and it's weird and it's magical. A little bit horror, a lot romance.

What do you think? Which is your favorite, and which screams witches are hilariously cruel to each other while fighting over husbands?

Very rough blurb: Penny Lane has eight months to find a suitable husband among the monstrous mages at Rosewood Academy. With only a weasel, her wits and a handful of lollipops, she sets out to tame one of those monstrous mages, but can she keep her heart from being bewitched by notoriously wicked, Drake Huntsman?

I'm leaning towards this one. And why is my font gray? 


  1. That's my favorite choice as well. Where'd you come up with so many choices? :)

  2. Hi Steve! I'm glad you like it. That is such a good question. Where did they come from? Maybe under my bed. It's one of the perks/problems with doing my own covers. I can come up with an infinite amount and no one says, 'that costs fifty dollars for each idea'. It's also why I so rarely do other people's covers. I can't ever make up my mind! And add another mind to that, and we're really in trouble! :)


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