Saturday, July 22, 2017

About that cover reveal...


I can't say how happy I am. I feel like I just got released from some kind of sentence, not a terrible one mind you, I love House of Slide, but I've been in that world for over a decade, and I want to explore new ones. I am really proud of myself for finishing this. I'm not really the best at finishing things in a responsible manner, but I think this is a great sign! Also, I love this book. I've been writing it over three years and it's just a delight. I mean, how delightful can horror be?

Oh! I realized that House of Slide is horror. I'm so shocked because I don't read Horror. IT's too scary for me because my mind is a scary place already. Apparently. :) But it's horror, sort of funny Horror with a lot of kissing. And dancing. And fighting demons and monsters and uncomfortable conversations with Satan who lives in the basement. (He's not really Satan. He's her uncle Saturn who just looks like the devil.)

The Blurb:

Things to do:
1 Tame the Hollow One (Before he destroys the world)
2 Defeat the Demon Mistress (Before she destroys the world)
3 Don't become a Demon Mistress (Who destroys the world)
4 Don't lose your mind.

Three out of four, not bad.

In the Exciting Conclusion to the House of Slide series, the world is overrun by demon hordes and the only hope is a group of misfit Hunters.

Can Dariana convince the Hollow One to ally against the demons, or will he be the one who destroys everything she loves? 

From the wizard of Oz's Hunter Camp to narrow alleys of Romania, Dariana, Smoke, Snowy and Ash band together to fight the greatest evil they have ever faced: a demon mistress that not even the Hollow One can defeat. In the hunt for the last demon mistress, they'll find friends turned to foes, and vice versa. Nothing in the world can defeat the Hollow One but is he truly with the Hunters, or does he have his own darker motives? 

Lives will be lost, love sacrificed, and the whole world will change. Who will survive the explosive fourth and final installment of the House of Slide series?

I even like the blurb. The book is better. 

I've been going crazy, doing edits again and again, trying to make this really shine, and I've been working on the second Butcher Baker book, Butcher, Baker, Werewolf Savior, in case you were wondering, (p. 128) and redoing all my covers for House of Slide. 

Now I want to relax and binge read something super light and fluffy with great dialogue and hot guys. And kissing. :)

Hope your summer is going great!

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