Friday, August 1, 2014

Adventure Units

Unit studies can be expensive. I decided to try it out without spending any money. I grabbed a book from my massive collection of classics and began to read. 1001 Nights cast a spell over all of them, even the version from my Harvard Classics collection, which can be dry.

I read a story every day, had them journal about it, introduced the Persian language, collected library books about it, checked out the manga version, saw youtube videos all about Cyrus and the Persian Empire, and ended our month-long study with a party where everyone wore harem pants and we ate rose ice cream and stuffed grape leaves.
Our Oasis and what is on my head? 

The amount of energy that it took was pretty immense, but the amount we learned was enormous. We learned. This is the best part of homeschooling for me. If I'm not learning, I'm doing something wrong, or worse, boring, and no one will retain very much.

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