Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Outfits: Slumber

You can't see it, but the green crayon sparkles.
My heart thrills when I see paper dolls with their pages of perfectly planned outfits. When I opened bright, shiny, Barbie boxes, my favorite thing was the way everything went together with the perfect accessories. I am far from the most experienced accessory seamstress, but when it comes to designing an outfit, I think that's half the fun. That is why I am planning to make more outfits so my inner Barbie lover can soar.

My illustrious 8 month old helped me with the illustration. Quite gifted, eh? Hopefully I can complete one thing a week and then, voila! A finished masterpiece.

In other news... I've had an interesting realization about writing. I CANNOT write a House of Slide Book in the summer. CANNOT. Don't want to read it, don't want to fix it, and that is okay because Watergirl is my summer novel. I am so seasonal that I don't want to read or write moody evocative brooding stuff in the summer. I want fluffy, fun, light and mermaidy. So that's my excuse for not doing edits of book 3.
wintertime writing/reading
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summertime writing/reading
Does anybody else like some things better in summer than winter? I'd love to hear comments.

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