Monday, November 3, 2014

2nd Fleece Set done! Plus a T

This thing made my pride hurt. I felt a sewing novice trying to add a lining to this jacket the pattern did not call for. Also, zippers. I don't think my brain is ready for this technological advancement. Also, using up knit I already have is not quite as intentional looking as buying it all new. Of course, then I would just buy a fleece hoodie already made up. Except that they are too wrong.

I made a shirt out of the hoodie pattern, because I had it out, and that's the biggest challenge for me- finding the pattern I want to use. Or the fabric. Or the thread, or the foot, you get the idea. My life is not organized. Oh well.

This morning we started an interesting homeschool thing. We're going through the National Archive original documents on the founding of America. Boring, right? Hah! No. Did you know there is a Cherokee origins myth that ends up with a brother hitting his sister with a fish to create more humans? Oh yes. There are treasures of knowledge in there. We laughed, and I thought of the scene in Monty Python with knights of kneet and the herring.  Then we listened to music from the 1600's. Happening times at our house.
No LEGO MAGAZINE!!!!! (mail trauma)
Coming down the stairs in a spooky manner

Oh yeah. I'm cool. I mean warm.
 In the end, in spite of my inept sewing, the hoodie is a functional thing. Only three more to go. Sigh.

Oh, I ordered fabric from my favorite online discount store. Bright yellow sweatshirt knit for $2/yard. You know that I could not resist, not when my in-house sunshine needs a hoodie. And... the new SWAP rules are up, so mustard yellow challis and butterfly twill... coming soon.

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