Thursday, November 6, 2014

3rd Hoodie Set Sewn Up! Deer Hoodie!

This is a story of a dear girl who transformed one day into a deer girl! This would make a fun story. Hm. 

About the hoodie. Same pattern as the boy hoodie, which I tell you is not fair, or the sexist elitist chauvenistic zipper men should be thrown to the streets until they come to their senses. There are no long pink zippers. In patterns, try to find a long hoodie that doesn't stop at the waist created for girls. I tell you, it's a conspiracy! So we had to use a gender neutral brown zipper because brown, blue, white, are long enough, but certainly not pink. We'll survive these major traumas, I suppose, but it does say something about zipper makers, or maybe the stockers at JoAnn's. 

This hoodie came together much nicer than the last one. It even looks quite good on the inside. Small victories. Seriously, the zipper thing had me hung up for days. I have a large collection of zippers that I've bought or stripped from done clothing, but none of the pink ones were right for this job. I had to go to the store and remember to bring my coupon, and buy some yellow thread. JoAnn's is full of dangerous distractions. I'm like Red Riding Hood straying off the path every time I go there tempted to pick flowers and buy cross stitch precious moments patterns that I'd never make.

Consumerism, which I'm rather opposed to, (part of why I make all these clothes for these children) wins when I go to JoAnn's. Sad really.  

This is the deer. It does not look like a lamb. At all. 

you must peer closely to see the brown trim on the pockets.

Something sweet. She tried to eat, but she doesn't see what the deer like about it.

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