Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Hooliday Outfit for Goblins

I am too cute to have anything in my mouth.
I love the way that this outfit turned out. I wanted the stripe to look like a pinstripe button-up, I think it's more like pajamas. Ah well. I should have added more length to the body since my kids have such long torsos. Next time. The pants are/were pants of mine that didn't fit right. Now they're perfect. Of course he doesn't need the pockets, but they're so cute. I love them.

I used Ottobre Winter 6/2012 # 4 for the knit button-up and #5 for the pants in the same issue.

I seem to use the same issues over and over and then not use others at all. I'm not sure why. One thing I've noticed about Ottobre is that necks sometimes gap open. Anyone else notice this?

I finished Christmas dresses for the girls. I'll post those soon. Happy New Year!

I made the coat coordinate. Simple things make me happy.


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