Saturday, August 15, 2015

Action! Remorse.

I am so very slow when writing action scenes. I do not know why. I write a lot of action but it's hard. What is easy is dialogue. I love dialogue. It's easy, I just write what they tell me to write. Action, I have to think it all through. Thinking is so difficult. That's why we graduate from school, so that we can stop thinking. Ah. But I never really graduated. Now I understand.

Buyers remorse. I've been up two nights now feeling like we got the wrong appliances. There's nothing 'wrong' with them. (Not sure why I used air quotes) But I don't love them. I want to love my new fridge. It's very pretty. But I don't. Maybe I can have a slow romance and eventually adore it like I should. My washing machine and dryer... they're so generic and dull. Why buy new appliances that you don't love? Is this strange to want attachments with my appliances? I don't know. I don't know if there's any help for it. They're bought and installed. Sigh.

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