Monday, August 31, 2015

Hunter 2/3 finished!!!

I am tired. I've been painting and sanding and painting some more, rooms, not lovely portraits. Moving in and trying to make this house mine, I'm falling behind on my writing. Quel fromage! But happily, I think I'll catch up this week, and honestly, it is going well. The end is in sight, so publishing will be on schedule, book 3 due out in November.

I'm excited to laze around the house all day tomorrow. Maybe I'll go to the park. Or not. Then I won't have to get dressed. My room is finished, just waiting for the paint to cure. It's exciting, this watching paint dry business.

Such a dull post. I mean, it's exciting that I'm nearing the end of Hunter's final draft, but talking about paint, ugh! I'll have to post pictures. That's much more pleasant.

Happy Monday!

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