Friday, December 11, 2015

Monday Makes Friday Edition. Winter Coat. Done and done and done.

I do not like making coats. That is an understatement. I strongly dislike the making of said coats. Which is why I will never again buy nine yards of professional quality waterproof fabric for under $2 a yard. Happily, I only have about 4 yards left after this coat. The pattern, something from Ottobre that I didn't follow any of the instructions for and changed almost everything about. So it's all my fault. I could at least have used black thread instead of white. I realized at the end. Seriously. My brain breaks at the sight of zippers. This is a dual zipper, so he can unzip from the bottom in case he needs to... Snow mobile?

Smug and Snug

The zipper zips

What are you looking at? I did those pockets lopsided on purpose! It's my style. 

Flannel body, silk sleeve. (lining)

Channeling Darth Vader
I can levitate!

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