Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday Makes: Process, How to illustrate with watercolor and acrylics

This is mostly for my personal use so hopefully the next time I find myself painted into a corner, I have a quick reminder of how to get unstuck.

Overview: sketch, thumbnails, references, stretching paper, pencil in basic shapes, start with washes, light to medium. Dark, light, medium repeat until it looks okay and then details.

Important to remember that it's not about the things, but about the form, the light, the shape. It's easy to get distracted by things. Eyes, noses, lips, but those don't exist except for the light that falls across them.

This project was supposed to be a quick first draft, but it took 3 weeks. Far too long for a quick anything. I'm out of time for anything else, so this is what will be on the cover. Luckily, I like it.

First concept sketch

Thumbnails to fine tune composition E was selected. (bottom, middle) 

Photoshoot. Was as exciting as it looks.

Watercolor washes and blocking in basic shapes

working with acrylics, his face, body fixed. Got rid of the gold I didn't like. 

Finally pleased with his expression and shading
She was a hot mess. I painted her over and over and over but she only got worse until one day...

She came together beautifully. 

So wistful, emotional, full of movement and light. It feels right.

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