Thursday, January 28, 2016

Writerly Wednesday: Thursday Edition. It's Live!

Barbarian and Elves fairy tale novella

A broken-hearted general on a deadly mission
A mad elf maiden cursed for a hundred years for loving him
The cruel power that separated them long ago and a new threat that now wants them dead…

Before a decisive battle victory in the century-long war against the elven Elsyrians, Balthaar of the Barbarian Empire finds the combat halted and his mission changed from general to ambassador. 

But Elsyria holds more than former and current enemies. His lost love Hatia resides there, in a fog of madness and amnesia induced by torture magics at the hands of Barbarian priests. Their reunion sets off a chain of events that imperils the ill-fated lovers and involves political intrigues, royal secrets, and murderous treacheries.

Will the lovers-- kept apart for a hundred years-- forge a weapon from their love strong enough to end divisions and break curses...and ensure a future where they will never part again?

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