Wednesday, March 30, 2016

House of Slide: Wilds Part II

May I present to you, Part two of House of Slide: Wilds! I'm excited that I'm still on schedule!

In the world of the House of Slide, Helen is caught in an internal war of one of the most Bloodthirsty Red Houses, Carve.

Two brother fight for control over the House, and of her. Matthew, the enigmatic knife of Carve, an assassin Hybrid will do anything to keep Helen, even if it means losing his own humanity in the struggle against his brother, Jarvais, the legal Son of Carve who has demon taint running through his veins and who wants to destroy everything Matthew loves, including Helen.

In the gripping second installment, Helen must choose between love and duty, and fight for what she can't live without.

As per usual, I'm struggling with blurbs. That's one, and here's another!

In the second installment of House of Slide: Wilds, Helen, trapped between an internal war of a Bloodthirsty Red House finds her heart ensnared against her better judgment and her conscience. 

Only with the assistance of Ancients whose power could shake the world can Helen reclaim her mind, her heart, and her soul. Matthew, the knife of Carve is the enigmatic assassin musician whose love letters stole her heart years before, but can a love based on something as intangible as words survive the onslaught of a jealous brother whose blood runs with demon taint?

Pretty gripping, right? 

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