Saturday, February 25, 2017

Sew Saturday: Pajamas edition.

Yeah, I did these a while back on one day, but it was so fun(read insane) why not put them on the old blog? Right? I had just started the monster that is Darkly Sweet when I made these, so impressive I tried to do something else. So I made four bottoms and four tops on one crazed Saturday. I didn't use patterns. Patterns what? So it's a miracle they fit at all. Or I've gotten really good to functioning while obsessing about witches and mages and dragons and snarky Penny Macaroon Lane. Oh I love her so much.

Photoshoots are dangerous with teenagers. Had to dodge that pillow.

So two pairs of pj's that are almost exactly the same. How is that not awesome?

He's all, I think these might be weird, and I'm all, naw, it's cool. Like Jester, you know, super cool. Does he look convinced?

I have no idea.

So green and brown were the themes for these PJ's. And I managed to pull it off. Wow, I have a lot of brown fabrics.

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