Thursday, February 23, 2017

Darkly Sweet

I've been writing what I think is the first draft of a three book series. I'm almost to two thousand words and not finished. So that's taken a lot of time. I'm not sure if I'll publish it because it's a pretty vulgar classless piece of chick lit fantasy that I find absolutely hilarious, but it doesn't appeal to my desire to uplift the world and not traumatize eleven-year-olds. Maybe I can edit out the worst bits, but the premise is witches who are pretty brutal and terrible, who learn how to be civilized or something. Also dragons! Oh my goodness dragons are fun. I've never written anything with dragons before but I think I am now. Everything dragons.

I would love to be finished with this thing so that I can move on to final edits of Hollow and of course edits of Water Lost, book 3 of Watergirl. That is such a fun book. I mean, that was an obsessive writing session more than any other book, just sucked me in and spit me out in three weeks. I feel kind of like a victim where my stories are concerned, just dragged around into these weird worlds without any kind of say, but I do edit them. A lot. You're welcome.

Other news... Hm.

Nothing much, just writing Darkly Sweet like these people are beating me with weasels. I have no other words/brains for anything else. It's a good thing laundry takes so little brains.

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