Tuesday, December 16, 2014

What to do with 8 yards of Yellow Sweatshirt Fabric

I ordered yellow sweatshirt knit from my favorite online fabric vendor, fabricmart, and they sent a bit extra. Actually, four yards more than I requested. So... this banana colored fabric trailed around our house for a bit, a swathe of deadly poison river and the yellow brick road while I pondered what to do with the garish, I mean, glorious addition to my already overflowing stash.

I made up the obvious, yellow monkey hoodie for the blindingly bright-loving 3 year old. We call it, Monkey in the Hood.

I used Ottobre pattern something size 110, because shoulderwise, she's a few sizes larger than her body. This size discrepancy gives me panic attacks every time I sew for her. I still haven't figured out how to adjust patterns to be big enough and not too big...

Can you see the pockets and lining? MONKEYS!!! Oh yes. My 9 year old designed the applique. She astonishes me with her ambition and follow through.

Hardly necessary to say how much she likes it. Yellow is now her favorite color. She is my sunshine!


  1. ohh, I need to make a fleece hoodie to replace one my son is stubbonly refusing to admit he's grown out of. Which magazine is that pattern in please.

    Very impressed by the monkey applique. Is the blue binding fleece too?

  2. I used OttobreDesign issue Autumn 2007 #11 which is sizes 80 to 110. I used that same magazine for the batman hoodie for my 7 year old, #28. It's a pretty great issue. I used ribbing for the binding. Fleece would be fine, but may be more difficult to handle with such a narrow hem. I don't mind mixing fabric types though. In the batman, I used sweatshirt knit for the body, cotton spandex for the hood lining and the applique, and black fleece for the cuffs and hems, mostly because I'm running low on black fabric. I hope this helps. I'm looking forward to seeing your son's hoodie!

  3. Thanks Juliann, that's really helpful. The one I need to replace is by this company http://www.lizzieshirt.co.uk/product/harbour-hoody/ (different version buy similar idea) and does have fleece binding. Definitely one for the new year, all sewing put on hold here for now :(


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