Monday, June 29, 2015

Boy's room design board.

Um, I'm having a little bit of trouble 'seeing' how this room will turn out. I'm starting to get cold feet. Do I paint? Blue? What if it's too cold? It's on the North Side. What if it's too dark? What if... I need to push back the doubts and go for it! It's paint! If it's dreadful, I can paint it something else. I am a good painter. I've had lots of practice by now, so long as I don't have to hold a baby in one arm, because that messes up my wrists.

I love Posie Gets Cozy softie animal kits. I want to make all of them. I'm getting one (maybe two) for my birthday. I'm so excited! I'm going to be sooo old. And wise. Although I still don't know how to shave my legs without getting nicks.

I love the picture from Venus A. Dodge's book, 'Dolls' House Needlecrafts'. It's a fantastic book. She's one of my favorite doll book writers. I want to make a rag rug for the boy's room after I rip up their carpet and hope that the floor underneath isn't a very big mess. If it is, I'm going to paint it. My husband isn't certain this is a good step, but I think it'll be wonderful. I think. Anyway, it's a small room for three boys. My darling is making a triple bunk bed. Now that will be fun! Any ideas for how to store legos and other boy stuff in a small space?

Fox Kit
Dolls' House Needlecrafts
Valspar Paint Sea Tickle (depending on how it looks in real life)

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