Monday, December 7, 2015

Monday Makes: 3 tops 3 bottoms for the 2 year old

Green Stripe Top, brown pants
I used a pattern from Ottobre for these ones. The pants were flat felled and nicely finished with pockets, which took a bit more time, but I like the nice finish. They'll last a good while. Of course, he'd rather wear strictly soft pants, but these are warm. Warm is important. I'm so sad. I'm coming to the end of this lovely green stripe. I've used it so much. It was my favorite. Sniff. I'll have to buy more fabric. Twist my arm.

blue pants, green pants, red shirt, multi shirt

striped rabbit on the shirt.
This is his plan. Green, blue, brown pants done (brown pants are replacing swirly shorts) red, multi-stripe, green stripe (long sleeves because winter) Next time I sew for him will be more fun to complete the madness. I love plans. I am way too disorganized to get anything done without a plan over a long period of time.


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